Saturday, January 15, 2011

Corrupted Conversations Database

One bad thing happened to my phone just a few nights ago. Somehow due to receiving a malformed SMS, the conversations and call history database was corrupted. This prevented the Conversations windows from working. I could not access any of my previous messages & new messages were not stored anymore.

It was not pretty, but this is what I had to do to fix it. I first copied the database file out to my PC to back it up, the file is ~/.rtcom-eventlogger/el-v1.db

Then I deleted the file, ran touch to create a new empty one & rebooted.
This fixed the issue, however all the messages & call history was lost.

Fortunately it is possible to access the data inside the el-v1.db from a PC, because it's an SQLite database file. I used SQLite Database Browser to access the file & retrieved the imported stuff. They're all in the Event table.

It was a nightmare, I hope nobody else gets this problem.

Wow 4 months since my last post

Wow. It's been like 4 months since my last update. A career change in October threw me out of whack & now I'm just starting to get back in gear.

PR1.3 was released on Oct 25. It was a smooth upgrade but did cause some small problems. Several apps had font/color issues. But all were resolved with updates within a few weeks.

Alot happened on the Ovi Store. Many new apps were release & many new comic book apps are now available. Someone figured out how to get WebOS games running in Maemo & created the Preenv app which became quite a phenomenon.

I've discovered & started using a whole lot of new stuff.
Here's just a sampling:

grr - Google Reader App
cuteTube - YouTube App
Ansel-A - A Digital Darkroom
StellariuMobile - Mobile Planetarium
Accelemymote - Play Any Game with the Accelerometer.
swappolube - Tweak the swap & other setting to improve responsiveness
BlessN900 - Enhanced Camera Firmware