Saturday, January 12, 2008

My new toy - Asus EeePC

Wow, it's been a while since I last posted. Been bz with work & haven't had much time to hack. Over new year, I decided to get myself an Asus EeePC to use as my blog anywhere machine & Starbuck companion. I already have a Toshiba notebook, but at 14.1" & weighing over 4kg with the adapter, it was just too cumbersome to carry around.

I ordered a 4G 701 Galaxy Black EeePC and it arrived within a week hand delivered to my doorstep. Even YouTube cannot describe how truly small, light & portable this thing is. The first thing that strikes me is how impossibly small the keyboard is. It almost looks impossible to type on, even with my relatively small hands. So I'm typing this post to prove to myself that is does work with a little practice.

Overall the OS works just fine for it's intended market. The PDA like icon interface is fine for everyday use but I find it lacking any depth, so I quickly began hacking it into something more usable. I decided to stick with the Xandros because it's very fast & designed to minimize writes to the SSD. Other distros will no doubt need much tweaking in this area.

So this is what I decided to do for now:
- Activate the icewm start menu.
- Populate it with my preferred menus.
- Added essential firefox add-ons
- Run the system update

Overall I found the EeePC to be excellent for me. I'll definitely recommend it to anyone looking an ultra portable companion to their PC or notebook that has wifi and a decent keyboard. In fact I'm so taken by it that I'm posting my Toshiba up for sale.